Night Guard Care

Cleaning and Maintaining your Night Guard ( Occlusal Guard )

Insertion: If appliance is fitting too tightly, place in warm water for 30 seconds prior to insertion

For periodic removal of debris and maintenance, you can use any mild, over-the-counter cleaning agents designed for oral devices.  If needed, use a soft bristle brush to clean the inside of your appliance for debris removal.  Validated cleaning agents include Dawn dish soap, Polident, Efferdent, 3% peroxide solution, 10% bleach solution and mouthwash.

  • DO NOT SOAK  your appliance in any liquid for more than 1 hour.
  • DO NOT  use abrasive cleaning agents ( i.e. toothpaste )
  • ​DISPOSE​  of cleaning solution after every use.  Rinse appliance well.
  • ​DO NOT SOAK ​ the appliance in water hotter than 113 F due to risk of warping

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